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Modernize Your Business During the Pandemic

Small businesses have to modernize for the future or risk being left behind. Customers know when a business is outdated. They begin to look at solutions that fill their needs better, faster, and cheaper.

The following are some things you can do to modernize your business:

Remote Workforce

An important change that the pandemic has forced for many businesses is remote working. Employees can collaborate and complete their work from their homes or while traveling or taking care of their families.

Collaborate with free software like Zoom or Google Meet.

Introducing remote work options gives your employees flexibility. That kind of freedom can create happier employees, which improves overall productivity and retention. Also, you may have the opportunity to downsize and reduce office space overhead.

The VP of Product at talks about remote work in this quote.  “I believe that everyone should have the opportunity to work remotely – how they want, when they want – to support their passions, their families, and a better work-life balance. Remote work can be a side-hustle or a main gig.  Either way, it is my wish that everyone has the option to choose between the two knowing that in-office life or work-from-home life provide equal opportunities for living wages.” 

Personal Customer Relations

A modern business that wants to stay competitive needs to invest in customer relations. Customers want to be treated with personalized care. Businesses that can provide personalization will win their customers’ loyalty.

This was challenging for small businesses until recently. Today things are different. Modern CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platforms provide a suite of tools to modernize your business. They are also available online for your remote workforce. 

These platforms don’t just stop at organizing contacts but simplify everything to make things like personalized follow-ups much easier, even autonomous. With a custom ruleset, the new breed of CRM’s can prompt a sales team to make contact. Rules can also prompt automatic contact via emails or text messages. 

Remember, customers, are expecting this kind of personal care. Small businesses that don’t fulfill these needs will be left behind.

Invest in Today’s Marketing

Customers are spending more time online than ever. This isn’t slowing down. Projects are being pursued to provide ubiquitous Internet access, no matter where in the world you might be.

Make sure your company has a strong online presence. If you haven’t begun online marketing, you may need to hire an expert or agency to help you begin.  If you have, you might look to emerging platforms for untapped opportunities. TikTok, for example.

These are just a few examples of how to modernize your small business going into 2021. These tips alone offer many benefits, from improving your employee retention and productivity, reducing office overhead, personalizing your contact with customers, and leveraging the Internet and emerging platforms to grow a new customer base. Some of these trends may take some time to implement, but it’s best to start the process now. Don’t let your customers move forward without you.

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